Preferred Valley Promenade Taxi - "We're Your Original Wine Country Cabbies!"
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If Were Not To Busy, We'll Come Right Away, But Only if You'll Call Us Today!
Valley Promenade Taxi,  
is focused on providing high quality ride service and gaining customer satisfaction for you our customers We will do everything we possibly can to meet your ride expectations. With a variety of ride offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy riding with us. Look around our very simple website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We operate in three service area's, while serving Metro Urban Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara County. 

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Call; Individual Independent Drivers Listed Below: They're All Nice Wine Country Cabbies, in Nice clean Cabs! Call Today! 

For All Reservation Inquires
Text, or Call 
To Inquire For All Reservations, Particularly For Airport Rides, & Wine Tour Packages. 
As far as round trip Dinner or Theater Rides, call 805-717-8400 
If Your Staying in Santa Barbara
Then Just Open This Link; http://ppwinetours.comFor Pricing, and when your riding up from Santa Barbara; please allow 40 minutes travel time to arrive to your first (1st) winery. As far as time and money, it really pays for you to stay in the, 
Santa Ynez Valley, and The Solvang Area! 
You'll Be Glad You Did!
We Do Reliable 
Reservation Only 
Airport Rides!
For $150.00 Round/Trip or $75.00 one way
Going T
Santa Barbara or Santa Maria 
The Santa Ynez Valley Area,
At the Above Prices, Provided A Reservation Pick Up Order is Placed With Me  
The Night Before Your Departure 
If your looking for on time early am Airport Service, and you want a fair price too? Then you should know that "We provide both! We're the cheapest best price riding to the Airport and we're the 
Most reliable Too! We think that's important when meeting a schedule flight. 

We can also get you easily, and comfortably to all Santa Barbara County transport stops on time every time to the Santa Barbara Airbus, the Amtrak Station, the Greyhound Bus, and the Cruise Ship, in San Pedro, plus we go DAILY to LAX, ($220.00) or Burbank Airports ($180.00) you name it, we'll get you there worry free, and On Time, Every Time! 

Please Call or Text me for a Reservation Pick Up Order, or call and ask for more booking information & details. 

Please don't call asking for a lower price. What prices you see here, is what they Are, and they're more then fair! Shop around, and you'll see. Also, we won't meet or beat a lower price, so save your time, and mine too, just call and Book it, it's the best price your going to get! Thanks for taking the time to review our Reliable on Time Every Time Cab Services!   
We Are 
The Santa Ynez Valleys Very Best 
Wine Tour Value. 
"No One Does It Better!"  
AR20081221 000803 Comfortable Lincoln Taxi Town Car Service.
We are The Preferred Wine Tour Cab Co, 
No other cab company has the available Cabs, or Drivers, who are as experienced and know the wine country better then our "Wine Country Cabbies" do! When you book with us, you'll totally enjoy your day safely, at a low budget price. "We're not real Nose in the Glass," wine expert's either, but we do know what's good, and who's behind the counter serving the good stuff, and we also know too, where all the 236 plus Santa Barbara County Wineries are. We'll get you there and back safely, and all at a fair and remarkable low price. Call us; With us there's No Worries, No Judges, and No Iron Bar HotelsStay Safe, Book Today
Just So You Know 
We're Not A Shuttle
We're not equipped to do Limited Bus Touring. Our Tours are Always PRIVATE, and always at your LEISURE. Take Some Time and compare, you'll see that our budget per person private rate is truly astounding, when you take the time to compare. When you do, You'll want to Send Me a Text or Call me 
Telling me You'd Like To Book 
A Fun Affordable
Private Valley Wine Tour 
(Provided Cabbies Are Still Available
Just so you know at our pricing we book up easily and 
very fast especially on prime time weekends.
Here's Our Very 
Best Priced Wine Tour Package 
For Two (2) to (3Three People.  
Toyota Prius 
Taxi Wine Tours
Saturday & Sunday 
Tours, are  $49.00 per hour for three (3) only hours or $147.00 MINIMUM
  1. When you book with me, It's a perfectly civilized day, riding at less then $75.00 each riding two (2) and 
  2. $49.00 each when riding three (3)  
Tasting and Enjoying Our Remarkable World Renown Santa Barbara County Wines 
While Your Riding Privately @ your very own 
Leisurely Pace Using A 
Safe Fun and Very Affordable 
Toyota Prius, 
"Wine Country Cabby!"
Book ASAP, 
Prius Service is Very Limited!
For Toyota Prius 
Monday Through Friday
Tours Are Specially Priced 
Riding Privately For 
Three (3) Only Hours 
$30.00 per houror $90.00 
Riding Two (2) Happy Imbibers for Three (3) Only Hours, 
When Starting From 
The Santa Ynez Valley Area Only.
Get this Remarkable Rate on 
Weekdays Only!
When you book with me 
It's a perfectly civilized day, Safely Tasting and 
Enjoying Our Remarkable World Renown 
Santa Barbara County Wines 
Riding Privately @ Your Very Own Leisurely Pace Using a 
Safe Fun and Affordable 
"Wine Country Cabby!"
add $39.00  per hour, For Extra Overtime Hours, during the week, and Please Consider a @ 20% Gratuity 
For Services Rendered and High Priced Gasoline 
Used to Conduct Your Tour! 
We Ask For Just An 
Honored Commitment 
Only! No Booking Guarantee Is Ever Asked For or Required! 
Pay Your Driver At The End of Your Day
Book ASAP 
Prius Service Is Very Limited! 
To get started Just allow me your pick up information, via email ( giving me the day of your 
tour, your Hotel, or House Address, the number of people 
in your tour party and a cell phone number and that's it! 
Book Early So Your Not 
Disappointed Later!
For Non Prius Rides,
We Can Start Anytime You Like! 
Luxury Lincoln Town Car Service During The Week is 
@ $39.00 per Hour 
Riding Four (4) People Maximum
Per Hour, For Four (4) Only Hours Minimum, 
When riding From The Valley
@ $156.00
Also Roomy Mini-Van Service
 @ $49.00 per hour 
Riding Six (6) People Maximum
Per Hour, For Four (4) Hours Minimum,
 @ $196.00 
For a Per Person Cost, 
Divide the Flat Rate By The Size of Your Tour Party, 
And That'll Be Your Cost Per Person Rate. Remember 
All Ride For The Price Of One in a Taxi When riding With a 
"Wine Country Cabby
For On Demand Taxi Cab 
For Pick Ups In The Entire 
Santa Ynez Valley 
Taxi Service Is Limited Here, 
Allow a Half (1/2) Hour  
For Pick Up or Sooner
Valley Promenade Taxi Dispatch
Ask For Your Closest Cab 
Generally Pricing is On the Meter, but On Average Most Rides Are From $10.00$15.00, to $45.00. 
Call Now For An Available  
"Wine Country Cabby!"
All Open Special Event Booking Payments Are Paid Here
Using This 
Your Might Want to Review "My Yelps,"  
 Check Us Out! 

Drivers Wanted!  
In Lompoc, Orcutt, Los Alamos, Los Olivos, Buellton, Solvang, & The San Ynez Valley 
Call and Leave a Message

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